Whit Smith





As a Realtor licensed in Georgia, Whit is eager to go to work for you. Born and raised in South Georgia he has been an Effingham native for over 30 years. “I love my town and have enjoyed seeing it come to life over the years in its own unique way.” As a young man Whit was brought up in construction trades such as electrical and hvac. “It’s an amazing thing seeing a house built from start to finish...waiting for that special person or family to make it a home.” Qualities he chooses to keep with him at all times are Positivity, Faith, Trust and Commitment! Believe me when I tell you with Whit you get 110%. “You can trust me when I say this...I am dedicated to building lifelong positive relationships and seeing that smile when you find that right home or when you start a new chapter in life is just cherry on the top.” Meet with Whit today and let him go to work for you.



Whit’s Quote: 


“always remember how powerful a smile and a kind word can be when truly given.”